Cédric Bazureau

Building the web with love and passion since 2002.

I’m a software engineer specializing in building exceptional B2C digital experiences. Currently, I’m focused on creating and maintaining efficient/effective products at Renault Group.

It's me !
About me

Hello! My name is Cédric. With twenty years of development and technical lead experience in various telecom, media, and industry companies, I have acquired both technical and functional web skills.

Additionally, I've had the opportunity to create a Slack-based community of developers named Le beau jeu, to do pull requests on open-source projects such as the webpack plugin mini-css-extract-plugin, to write an article on web.dev about Core Web Vitals in collaboration with Google, to create a framework named Create One-page Website, and, last but not least, to raise 2 kids!

Multi-device Web Development

Experienced in the development of complex web applications. I use React, NodeJs, and HTML5/JS/CSS (but also Angular, and PHP) to build responsive, multi-browser and multi-device experiences in multilingual contexts.

  • ReactJs
  • NodeJs
  • HTML5/VanillaJS/CSS
  • Angular/VueJs/Svelte
  • PHP

Technical Expertise and Leadership

Recognized as a referent expert in my various domains, I strive to transmit, advise, and put into practice what I've learned. I constantly survey cutting-edge technologies in order to stay up to date.

  • Teaching
  • Sharing/Contributing
  • Change Management
  • Software architect
  • POC

Server and Cloud Management

AWS or GCP hosting with or without docker images. Strong web expertise (Web Server, CDN, etc.) on AWS services (ECS, EC2, Cloudfront, S3, lambda, etc.) and CI solutions (Gitlab-CI, Github Actions).

  • HTTP principles
  • NGINX/Apache
  • Docker
  • Gitlab-CI/Actions
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Renault Group

Since May 2017

Senior Lead Developer of 6 teams (26 devs) who manage more than 150 websites of the Renault Group (Renault, Dacia, Alpine, Mobilize) spread over more than 30 countries. The technical stack below delivers a best-in-class experience:

Renault Screenshot 0 Renault Screenshot 1 Renault Screenshot 2 Renault Screenshot 3 Renault Screenshot 4 Renault Screenshot 5

Previous experiences

Canal+Jan. 2015 - Apr. 2017Senior Developer on the IS technical overhaul. Senior Lead Developer of the SALES feature team.
Details Scrum Team (8 people): Vendor Tablet Interface, Redesign of customer sites Accomplishments
  • Senior Lead of the SALE feature (5 developers in full-stack mode)
  • Implementation and development of an application (FACE Tablet) for sellers in popup store AngularJs 1.5.8
  • Implementation and development of the redesign of the customer area and web sales path in AngularJs 1.6.0
  • AngularJs 1.6
  • NodeJs
  • AWS
  • Gitlab-CI/Jenkins/Puppet
  • MongoDb
Bouygues TelecomAug. 2009 - Nov. 2014Junior Lead Developer on Bouygues Télécom B2C websites.
Details Projects (6 to 15 devs): Bbox Selfcare, Unified Selfcare, Centralized Module, Unified Assistance Accomplishments
  • Web projects based on a NGINX/PHP-FPM stack calling SOAP services.
  • Member of Bougyues Expert Teams infusing our philosophy to Mobile teams.
  • Stat Tools using BigData/Live (RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, ...).
  • NodeJs REST API using RethinkDb.
  • PHP5
  • NodeJs
  • RethinkDb/MYSQL5
Sopra GroupDec. 2004 - July 2009Developer and junior project manager for various company websites.
Details Project (5 people): Portal of the Hosting Department and Portal of the Production Department Accomplishments
  • Management and development of a Web application of QOS indicators.
  • Developer, and then Manager, of the team in charge of the TMA of the hosting provider's portal.
  • Development of web tools to facilitate project monitoring for Sopra Group teams.
  • PHP5
  • MYSQL5
  • Apache